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Home Insurance

Types of Home Coverages


Dwelling (Your Home)

If your home is damaged from fire, lightning, explosion, vandalism, riot, or even a falling aircraft, then Dwelling Coverage would cover the cost of repairs.

Separate Structures (Anything Other than Your Home)

If your detached garaged, work shed, fence, or other unattached structures is damaged, then Separate Structures Coverage would cover the cost of repairs or replacement.

Personal Property (Your Things)

If your furniture, electronics, clothing, jewelry, collectables, etc. is damaged or stolen, then Personal Property Coverage would cover the cost of repairs or replacement.

Loss of Use (When You Can Not Live in Your House)

If your home is damaged and uninhabitable, then Loss of Use Coverage would cover the cost of additional living expenses, such as hotel, meals, rented home/apartment, etc.


Personal Liability

If a bodily injury or personal property damage claim is made against you from an occurrence on your property, Personal Liability Coverage will cover your legal defense and liable obligations up to the stated limits of your policy.

Medical Payments to Others

If someone is injured on your property, Medical Coverage will pay for reasonable medical expenses.

Other Coverages Available

Extended Replacement Cost

Contents Replacement Cost

Debris Removal Cost

Tree, Shrub, Plants, and Lawn Cost

Identity Theft

Food Spoilage

Pet Coverage

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