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Renters Insurance

While the state doesn’t require renters insurance, some property owners will require you to have insurance. You need renters insurance to protect your own property and liability. Just because your landlord has coverage, it doesn’t mean that coverage extends to you and your belongings.

Renters Insurance Coverages

Personal Property Coverage

If you rent and your personal belongings consist of high-end electronics, furniture, clothing, and jewelry, Renters Insurance might be the best protection you can get. With Renters Insurance in place, you do not have to pay out of pocket when any of the insured items get stolen or destroyed by a fire. Renters Insurance cost less than Homeowners Insurance, as you are only insuring your belongings and not the building itself.

Additional Living Expenses

If you ever have to live outside of your home, due to an occurrence covered by your policy, your insurer will cover your additional living expenses (hotel bills, meals, other additional living expenses) until you can return back to your home.

Liability Coverage

If someone gets injured in your home and files a lawsuit, this insurance policy will help cover your expenses. It will pay for injury or damage done to others, by you and your family, while they are in your home.

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