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Specialty Coverages

Specialty Insurance Coverage

Specialty insurance is common for those with special, unusual or difficult insurance needs, or for higher risk accounts. These policies may be for business items or events. It will be a benefit for the business owner, their business, and commercial property.Certain events such as an unforeseen wedding postponement, trip cancellation, or identity theft could be protected by specialty insurance coverage. This policy can cater to the unique needs of your business.

Many businesses utilize commercial specialty insurance for various reasons. For example, a fireworks manufacturer might be considered high risk and have an added potential for higher claim exposure, therefore requiring special coverage. A commercial trucking company might need specialty insurance for their trucks as well as their cargo. Additionally, certain industries such as construction companies, are known for experiencing frequent claims and lawsuits. Industries like these may also need a specialty insurance policy.

There are many kinds of specialty insurance policies. These policies can supplement commercial auto, commercial liability insurance, and even umbrella insurance, which provides increased coverage limits.

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