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General Liability

Types of General Liability Coverage

General Liability

This insurance helps protect your business, business partners, and your executive officers from claims of:

Bodily Injury Coverage

If a customer slips and falls, then Bodily Injury Coverage would pay for their injuries if you are at fault.

Property Damage Coverage

If an employee damages someone’s property while performing their duties, then Property Damage Coverage would cover the costs of repairs or replacement.

Advertising Injury Coverage

If your business inadvertently causes damage by defaming someone or their company, then Advertising Injury Coverage would cover the costs of these claims.

Copyright Infringement Coverage

If you become liable for using someone else’s work in your business ads without their permission, then Copyright Infringement Coverage would cover claims up to coverage limits of your policy.

Reputational Harm Coverage

If you said in an interview about another business owner something that negatively impacts their business, then Reputational Harm Coverage would cover the costs of these claims.

Other Coverages

Medical Expense Coverage

Administrative Cost to cover Claims

Court Costs, Judgement and Settlement for covered claims

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