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What You Should Know about Home Insurance

Home insurance in Houston, TX can be overwhelming, but there are some things you need to know.

You Need Home Insurance

You may not be required to have insurance in Houston, TX, unless your lender requires it, but you do want to have it. Home insurance protects more than just your home and includes your personal property and liability against accidental damage or injury to third parties. Your home is one of your largest assets so be sure to protect it.

There Are Different Types of Policies Available

Even though home insurance can be pretty standard, some policies are slightly different. Be sure to speak with an agent at Kurtin Insurance & Financial Inc., so you understand your policy. There is a difference between cash value coverage and replacement cost coverage. You should also know that home insurance won’t cover everything, and there will be coverage limits.

Review Your Needs Every Year

You want to make sure you still have adequate coverage with any changes you make. New insulation, remodeling, or adding a room can add value to your home, and you want to increase your replacement cost protection.

Home Maintenance Matters

An insurance company wants to make sure your property is in good shape, so you must maintain your home. Keep your trees trimmed, have a regular roof inspection, and watch for signs of a leak. Home insurance likely won’t cover any issues due to lack of maintenance, so be sure you take care of things.

Create a Home Inventory

A home inventory can help you make sure that you have adequate insurance coverage for all your belongings. This also creates a record to make it easier to make a claim.

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