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Is Life Insurance Beneficial If You’re Not Married?

Our team at Kurtin Insurance & Financial Inc. understands that many unmarried Houston, TX residents might not get the point of life insurance. Doesn’t it only apply to married couples or those with children? Not necessarily! There are many ways that life insurance helps single people.

Life Insurance Is About More Than a Partner 

In movies and television shows, life insurance policies for married couples are often referenced, particularly as a motive for murder. However, this insurance isn’t just something narrowly set up for marriage. In fact, it’s a very diverse policy type that can pay out to just about anybody. 

After all, who is going to take care of your remains after you pass away? It’ll probably fall on your parents, siblings, friends, or other family members. Leaving them without life insurance is likely to cost them serious money and make it harder for them to move on after your unfortunate passing.

Who It Can Help

Life insurance can be set up to pay anyone you want; that’s one of its greatest strengths. In fact, it can be assigned to various people at different percentages, meaning you can pay one person 50%, another 25%, and another 25%. You can tweak it in any way that you want to help people, like:

  • Parents: If you pass away before your mother or father, your life insurance may help them. 
  • Siblings: Set up life insurance to pay for your siblings to help them through difficult times.
  • Other Loved Ones: You can even set up life insurance for your friends if you want.

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With the help of our supporting team at Kurtin Insurance & Financial Inc., you can get the life insurance you need to help your family. Call us if you live in or near Houston, TX and we’ll do what we can to help. It’s our goal to provide the high-quality support you need for your next purchase.

How Windshield Cracks Happen

Sometimes it seems like windshield cracks happen out of nowhere. You get into your vehicle to go to work in the morning, and all of a sudden, you see a huge crack, like a lightning bolt across the windshield. The fact is, windshield cracks rarely happen for no reason at all. Your insurance representative at Kurtin Insurance & Financial Inc., serving Houston, TX, can help you to better understand how this situation can occur.

How Windshield Cracks Happen


The most common cause of windshield cracks is road debris hitting the windshield. It could be something that fell off a truck and pops up and hits your windshield as you drive past, or just stray rocks or gravel. They hit your windshield and make small divots in the glass, which eventually spread into a huge crack.

Extreme Temperature Changes

Windshields are made from tempered glass, which means they are resistant to damage from temperature changes. But in extreme temperature changes, or if the actual windshield is compromised in some way, a crack could develop for this reason.

Poor Installation

If you ever need a windshield replacement, be sure to go to a qualified installer with a good reputation. Poor installation can cause stress on the glass, leading to a higher risk of a crack developing.


For auto insurance, your representative at Kurtin Insurance & Financial Inc. can help. Even minor vehicle accidents can result in the windshield cracking.

Call Today To Discuss Your Options

The good news is that if your windshield does crack, it’s designed not to shatter. The glass should stay relatively in place so that glass doesn’t go anywhere. But you do need to make sure that you get the windshield repaired as soon as possible. To find out about your auto insurance coverage, contact Kurtin Insurance & Financial Inc. serving Houston, TX and surrounding areas.

Technology Startup Insurance: Safeguarding Innovation

For those living in and around the Houston, TX area, in the dynamic realm of technology startups, innovation is the lifeblood that propels companies forward. As these ventures navigate the ever-evolving landscape, securing comprehensive insurance coverage that addresses the challenges and risks inherent in the tech sector becomes paramount. Technology startup insurance is critical in safeguarding innovation and fostering a resilient business environment.

Coverage for Intellectual Property Protection

Intellectual property is often the most valuable asset for technology startups. Insurance coverage considerations include:

  • Patent Infringement Coverage: Protecting against legal actions related to the infringement of patents is a must.
  • Copyright Infringement Coverage: Addressing legal challenges related to the unauthorized use of copyrighted materials.

Mitigating Cybersecurity Risks

As technology advances, so do cybersecurity threats. Insurance coverage for cybersecurity risks includes:

  • Data Breach Coverage: Assisting with the costs associated with notifying affected parties and managing the aftermath of a data breach.
  • Cyber Liability Coverage: Protecting against legal liabilities arising from cyber-related incidents.

Ensuring Business Continuity

Business interruption insurance is crucial for startups to maintain resilience in the face of unexpected challenges:

  • Coverage for Revenue Loss: Mitigating financial losses incurred during periods of interrupted operations.
  • Extra Expense Coverage: Assisting with additional costs incurred to resume operations quickly.

Customizable Policies for Startup Growth

Technology startup insurance policies are designed to be flexible and customizable to accommodate the growth and evolution of these ventures:

  • Policy Add-Ons: Additional coverage options can be added as the startup expands and faces new challenges.
  • Policy Limits and Deductibles: Tailoring coverage limits and deductibles to align with the startup’s risk tolerance and financial capacity.

Kurtin Insurance & Financial Inc. Can Help You

At Kurtin Insurance & Financial Inc., we can help answer questions concerning commercial insurance. We serve the Houston, TX area. Contact us today. 

Four steps to go through before selecting a condo insurance policy

It’s important to choose the right condo insurance policy. If you live in a condo in Houston, TX, you can find insurance coverage with our help at Kurtin Insurance & Financial Inc. 

Here are four steps to go through before selecting a condo insurance policy:

Understand the limits of your condo facility’s master insurance policy

Condo owners often think that they can get the insurance coverage they need from the master policy of their condo facility. However, it’s important to realize that your condo facility’s master policy only covers common areas.  

Know what the limits on your condo insurance policy coverage are

Any condo insurance policy specifies maximum coverage limits that policyholders should be aware of. You need to make sure that your policy’s maximum coverage limits are high enough to cover you for the full value of your condo, liabilities, and personal property. 

Protect your personal property

You need to purchase a condo insurance policy that will cover you for the full value of your personal property in your condo unit. Make sure that you get an appraisal done on the value of expensive personal property in your condo unit. This way, you can be certain that you have adequate insurance for your personal property. 

Shop around by getting quotes

Don’t buy condo insurance from the first condo insurance provider you come across. You need to get quotes from numerous insurance providers to ensure that your condo’s value is adequately insured. 

Reach Out To Us

Get a quote on an insurance policy for your condo by contacting us at Kurtin Insurance & Financial Inc. We provide insurance coverage to condo owners in Houston, TX.

Vacant Homes and Home Insurance: What You Need to Know

Vacant homes, whether they’re awaiting new tenants, under renovation, or on the market for sale, present unique insurance challenges. Here’s what homeowners should understand about insuring unoccupied properties from Kurtin Insurance & Financial Inc., serving residents in the greater Houston, TX area.

Standard Policies May Not Suffice

Many standard homeowners’ insurance policies don’t provide full coverage for homes left vacant for an extended period, typically 30 days or more. Vacancies increase certain risks, such as vandalism, theft, or undetected damage like water leaks.

What’s the Difference between ‘Unoccupied’ and ‘Vacant’?

The distinction may seem subtle, but from an insurance standpoint, it’s crucial. ‘Unoccupied’ generally means the home has furnishings, but no occupants, while ‘Vacant’ indicates the home is devoid of both occupants and personal property. Insurance providers treat each scenario differently, so clarify your situation with them.

Vacant Home Insurance is a Solution

Given the limitations of standard policies for vacant properties, specialized vacant home insurance can be procured. This policy provides tailored coverage for the specific risks associated with empty homes, like vandalism or broken pipes.

Premium Considerations

While it might seem counterintuitive, insuring a vacant home can be more expensive than a standard policy. The increased risks associated with empty homes generally lead to higher premiums.

Be Proactive

 If you anticipate your home being vacant, inform your insurance agent ahead of time. Securing your property, installing security systems, or checking the premises regularly can sometimes earn you discounts.

We Are Here To Help

Understanding the nuances of home insurance for vacant properties ensures that homeowners are well-equipped to protect their investments, even when they’re not around. If you’re looking for a new home insurance policy in the greater Houston, TX region, reach out to Kurtin Insurance & Financial Inc. today.

Why You Should Choose Term Life Until You Reach 40

Like many agencies, Kurtin Insurance & Financial Inc. encourages individuals under the age of 40 years to purchase term life insurance instead of whole-life policies. Here’s why you will receive that same advice from nearly all Houston, TX insurance agents.

Maximizing Your Earnings

Many life insurance agents encourage their clients to purchase term life policies until the age of 40 because the premiums cost less. The agents recommend that the young person invest the difference between the term cost and a whole-life premium cost. This jump-starts their retirement savings.

When you graduate from college or vocational school and land your first job, most insurance agents recommend that you purchase the cheaper term life insurance. Although its premiums only cost a few dollars less per month than whole life, those dollars can go into a savings or investment account to help you jumpstart your wealth building. Younger individuals exhibit less risk of death, so term life insurance offers a better option for them.

Small Amounts Saved Long-term

At the age of 40 years, switch from term life to whole life. At that point, you’ll have amassed savings for about 18 years. From an insurance premium savings of just $5 per month, you would have saved $1,080. In a high-yield interest-bearing account of two percent that compounds monthly, you would have saved an extra $1,298.70. When you add that a little at a time to the other savings you accumulate through your employer and your own savings, it makes an even bigger difference.

Contact Us to Start Your Life Insurance Policy

Email or call Kurtin Insurance & Financial Inc., serving the greater Houston, TX area to start your term life policy or to transition to whole life. Let us help you maximize your earnings and protect your family’s financial future.

Road Hazards Every Driver Must Watch Out For

Sadly, the road can be a dangerous place with over 6 million car accidents occurring each year. Whether you’re a new or experienced driver, it’s crucial to keep an eye out for common road hazards. Of course, even if you’re diligent, you might still end up in a car accident. The right auto insurance plans can provide coverage, although it’s wise to read the fine print to find out what specific events are covered. If you’d like to discuss auto insurance, contact Kurtin Insurance & Financial Inc., serving Houston, TX and beyond.

Road Hazards To Watch Out For

Pedestrians and Animals

Roadways can be especially dangerous for pedestrians and animals, including pets. As a driver, you must keep an eye out for pedestrians and others. Once a pedestrian enters the road, they often have the right of way. When cars and people/animals collide, casualties may occur. When someone, such as a pedestrian, is hurt in a car accident, the right auto insurance plans provide coverage for medical bills.

Puddles, Ice, and Snow

Modern car tires offer a lot of traction, but when the rubber meets ice, water, or snow, it could cause even the best wheels to lose their grip. This could cause a driver to lose control of their car, which in turn could lead to an accident. Be especially mindful of so-called “black ice” and the like, as it can be hard to spot.

Other Drivers

You might be a perfectly safe driver who always avoids pedestrians and hazards like ice. Unfortunately, no matter how safe you are, the roads can still be dangerous because, among other things, you could be struck by another driver.

Reach Out To Us

Auto insurance can provide coverage for many different events. Of course, it’s crucial to read the fine print to see what specifically is and is not covered. Contact Kurtin Insurance & Financial Inc., serving the Houston, TX metroplex, to explore auto insurance coverage options.

Here’s Why Commercial Insurance is Crucial for New Businesses

For many, owning a small business is a dream come true. Many people find success but building a business takes a lot of work. Further, entrepreneurs often have a lot of skin in the game and may end up exposed to considerable risks. Someone might use their life savings to build a restaurant, for example. If their business is destroyed, say in a storm, it could wipe out the business owner’s wealth. Fortunately, business owners can take out commercial insurance policies that may reduce risks.

Reach out to Kurtin Insurance & Financial Inc., serving the Houston, TX metroplex, to learn more.

Why Commercial Insurance

Risks Are Omnipresent, But You Can Mitigate Some of Them

Where there’s a risk, there’s a potential for reward. When someone sets up a business, they may have to contend with various risks. For example, if customers at a restaurant fall sick owing to improper cooking techniques or spoiled stock, the restaurant might face a lawsuit or otherwise be punished.

Entrepreneurs often face stiff competition in the market as well, and there is a chance that competitors could push them out of the market. Likewise, changing economic conditions, such as a recession, could also impact a business and its viability.

Commercial insurance plans may not cover these risks. However, by reducing or eliminating other risks, such policies can deliver peace of mind while also affording business owners more resources (including time) to combat other threats.

Further, if you have taken out a loan to grow your business, lenders may require that you take out commercial insurance. Governments in various jurisdictions may also stipulate that adequate insurance plans cover businesses. Any entrepreneur that fails to meet these obligations could find themselves in hot water.

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Contact Kurtin Insurance & Financial Inc. in Houston, TX to learn more about commercial insurance plans.

Who needs condo insurance in Texas?

Being a condo owner in the Houston, TX area could be a good idea. When you choose to purchase a condo, you will enjoy many of the advantages of homeownership without some of the drawbacks. If you would like to buy a condo here, getting insurance for it is very important.

There are various scenarios when a condo investor or owner in Texas will want to have this coverage for their condo:

When Financing Condo with Mortgage

A situation when you may need to have a condo insurance plan will come when taking out a mortgage. As condos in the Houston area can be expensive, taking out a loan to finance the purchase is common. When this is done, you need to meet standards set by your lender. One common requirement is to get a condo insurance plan. In many cases, you will have payments escrowed each month. If you are insured, you can meet this requirement.

Association Rules

You also can be required to carry condo insurance from your home or condo association. Due to the coverage that this insurance provides, it is in all owner’s best interests if everyone on the property has insurance. Because of this, it is common to require property and condo owners to carry condo insurance. If you do not have coverage, you can be in violation of the condo rules and face penalization. 

Reach Out To Us

Having a proper condo insurance plan is very important for anyone with a condo in the Houston, TX area. If you are looking to get this type of coverage here, it could be a great option to call our professionals with Kurtin Insurance & Financial Inc. There are a lot of choices to consider when looking for condo coverage, and our team at Kurtin Insurance & Financial Inc. can help you build a plan that meets your needs. 

Will Home Insurance Cover Foundation Issues?

It’s common for Houston, TX residents to worry whether their homes will be protected in the event of a foundation issue.

The clay-heavy Texas soil makes homes uniquely prone to foundation issues, especially during drier months. These issues can occur due to a lack of moisture, which leads to cracks in the earth beneath a home. These cracks cause problems with a home’s foundation, such as settling and shrinking.

Whether or not your home remains covered by foundational damage will depend on the type and cause of the foundation’s damage.

Covered Foundation Incidents

Most home insurance policies include foundation damage for specific issues, including:

  • Lightning or fire
  • Windstorms
  • Falling aircraft and objects
  • Explosions
  • Civil disturbances and vandalism
  • Vehicular damage
  • Collapse from snow, ice, or sleet
  • Water damage from HVAC

Natural disasters or uncontrollable circumstances usually fall under this coverage umbrella.

Not Covered Foundation Incidents

Insurance carriers generally reject claims made based on the following weather- or construction-related events:

  • Natural foundation settlement, shrinkage, bulging, or expansion
  • Earthquakes and flooding
  • Tree roots
  • Improper or faulty foundation construction

It can be challenging for residents to get coverage because, many times, home foundations in Texas experience issues due to these issues. However, additional options are available that can be used in an insurance policy.


Some plans offer additional coverage options known as endorsements or policy add-ons, allowing for additional or increased coverage. Damage to foundations or slabs is a common reason people include endorsement coverage in their home insurance policies. It’s critical to remain informed of your home insurance policy’s specifics to prevent unanticipated costs.

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Contact the Houston, TX insurance experts at Kurtin Insurance & Financial Inc. to review your policy.

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